It’s been a little over a week since Nightmoves in Tampa, FL, but I was going through my photos and had to share with you my fun times. Yes, I did travel with a stuff animal that Bad Dragon gave me, which I just named Kookie. I’m currently debating if I should make him a twitter page, so everyone knows how big pimping Kookie is. What do you think I should do?

First night at Nightmoves, all of the stars were shuttled to 4play Lounge where we all kissed and groped each other because that’s what you do when you see your fellow porn stars. Well… That’s what I do anyway. I decided to dance at all the clubs because dancing is my first love except without heels. My first night I ended up slipping on my heels and ramming my crotch into the pole, which you would think I would be use to. I pound my pussy as much as I can into a pole shaped as a dick. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel the same. 4play Lounge was a nice place with great house dancers and a welcoming crew. I hope they will be apart of next year.

Second night, we attended Bare Assets which is one of my favorite strip clubs because they are so laid-back and chill there. I think I also like it there because I can get naked…I always think the less clothes, the better, I also danced there where my fellow friends, such as Carmen Valentina, James Bartholet, Will Ryder, Paul Allen and many more, cheered me on by throwing dollar bills at my booty. They know how I like to be treated.

Third night, of course was at the Thee Doll House! This strip club is also one of my favorite because they really know how to treat their girls there. All of us start out with drinks in our hands and slamming beats by DJ Mark who was great to see again and I can’t wait to see him next year. My dance for Thee Doll House was special! I brought my Poison Ivy costume and danced my cosplay heart out, while the costume and shoes scratched the hell out of me. Thank you so much Thee Doll House for having us there. Always a pleasure!

The fourth night was the award show where I performed the Rocky Horror including Sweet Transvestite and the Time Warp. It was so stunning and fun that I got people up on stage with me to perform the Time Warp. You know it’s just a jump to the left?! I was extremely surprised when Tracy Allen came on stage after my show with my first award as Miss congeniality. I was so shocked, but honored to be noticed by my friends and role models in my eyes.

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