Pausing on Productions


If you haven’t heard by now, the adult industry is on a hold for shooting throughout the United States. FSC, Free Speech Coalition, was contacted by one of the testing services such as PASS, TTS and CET that someone has came up positive of HIV. Shooting will be on hold until Wednesday to see if it is a false positive, Keep your fingers crossed that it is a false positive, so the industry can get back to work. 

Most of non-adult industry people probably don’t care and/or thinks this industry is more dangerous now than ever. This isn’t true! After watching ex-performers’ snapchats and instagram stories, I was disappointed to hear them state, “they are glad to be out of the industry because it is more dangerous than what it up to be.”

I don’t see how this is true because, in the past, we didn’t have the technology that we have now for testing. I was discussing this topic with my “Porn Wifey” Carmen Valentina, who has been in the industry for a little over 8 years. She told me, that testing use to be every 30 days and it would take about a week to get your fresh test back, This blows my mind! I feel lucky to have testing services and the new technology on my side.

I know there are more people in the adult industry which is a whole other subject to discuss, but at least nowadays we are more open to things such a gays, transexuals and different niches. It’s great to see how the United States as a community has evolved with accepting everyone for who they are as a person.

I don’t feel scared or worried about being in the adult industry, but I feel lucky to be in NOW!

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