It’s been about a month now since Carmen Valentina and I did #teambj, but I wanted to fill you in about the awesomeness. #Teambj was the biggest one that VNA ever seen. There was 37 guys that are not in the industry, and it took 3 hours “non-stop” to suck every single guy’s dick.

The whole day was so crazy! Carmen and I had to get our entertainer’s licence to perform at Deju Va Showgirls in Vegas that night. We were there over 3 hours! I can’t believe a simple background check and fingerprinted took that long. Then we rushed to the Museum of Sex, where we were shocked by how many guys were waiting for us. We rushed to change into our “Mouth Huggers” uniform for photos and to meet all the guys.

I still can’t believe I sucked all those dicks in 3 hours! It didn’t even seem like 3 hours. I was so focused on making every guy cum with my sucking skills and dirty talk. I guess it’s true! “Time flies by when you are having fun!” After the second guy, who had busted all over my face, I looked like a cum guzzling whore! I enjoyed every moment of it!

#Teambj will be coming out on DVD and my website! Please sign up or purchase your copy when it is available.

I wonder if Carmen and I can do this again, but BIGGER!


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Redhead Nympho Lauren Phillips is a True Jersey Girl. She was borned and raised in Southern Jersey known as Atlantic City, NJ. Lauren lived in New Jersey for most of her life until she openned the door to the adult industry. after entering the adult industry especially as a webcam model, Lauren packed up her car and moved to Sunny Tampa. FL. In Florida, she befriends with Charlee Chase, Carmen Valentina, Vicky Vette and joined VNA Cam Network. Lauren Phillips has many talents besides fucking and sucking cock. Lauren still extremely flexible that comes form her background in dance. She started dancing when she was younger, then she attended college as a dance major. Lauren also performed as a professional dancer for 8 years and she currently expresses her artistic dance on cam. Lauren Phillips is known for her flexibility, insatiable appetite for sex especially group sex and her exhibionist thrill for masturbating for people.


  1. This is easily one of the hottest things I’ve ever encountered! That’s a true insatiable player. Bonus points to you.

  2. Would be amazing if you did something like this again. Found out about both you and it too late, but would certainly want to be a part of the next one.

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