The Lift of Moratorium

Take A Moment to Breathe




I’m so happy that the moratorium has been lifted. As a performer, shooting is one of my major sources of income and safety is always a high priority as well.

I celebrated the lift by shooting with KINK.COM. It felt so amazing to have Derrick Pierce pound my asshole for sex and submission. You guys will love this new scene once it is out. I’ll keep you updated when it cums out!

I want to send out positive words and thoughts to the performer that is HIV positive, “Take it one step out a time, but you are strong. You will be okay and learn how to handle this disease.” Stay Positive!

On last note, I had someone send a comment that I will not post on my blog because it’s negative and I don’t like any negative on my sites. I will say that I never wish any type of disease for anyone. If you know my personality and work, my fans understand right off the back that I wish no harm to anyone. I will educate everyone that if someone is positive for HIV, it doesn’t mean they have AIDS. HIV is not AIDS. HIV can develop into AIDS if left untreated.

If you want to join any blog conversation, please make sure your comments are positive and informed properly. I love comments and discussing this with everyone. So I encourage comments and sharing!


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