Can You Lose a Pound of Fat Per Day?

The realistic idea of the unrealistic goals.


I know most of you have been following my fitness program. I started my fitness with the book “Burn the fat, Feed the muscle,” by Tom Vento. This book definitely motivated me to achieve my goals of my body and what I could see my body to be. Since then, I get articles by Tom Vento about different opinions on how to stay fit and how to get fit.

The recent article, that I received, was about “Can you burn 1 pound of fat per day?” When I saw this article, I was intrigued because fat doesn’t weigh more than muscle. So I really wanted to see what he had to say about it. Tom Vento had some really good points about 1 pound of fat per day and the health risk for that. Just think about it? If fat weighs less than muscle, how can you really lose 1 pound of fat per day and be accurate that it’s fat and not muscle?

What I really liked about this article was that it was realistic but still achievable. That we shouldn’t focus on our pounds, but on what we put in our bodies. Of course we all weigh ourselves and want to shed as much weight as possible, but what’s these pounds really from? Is the pounds you losing from fat or muscle? I definitely weigh myself once a week just to see if I lost anything, but I definitely know the most important thing I need to do is the skinfold caliper to figure out if I lost body fat. We all have different goals. What are your goals? What do you think about losing 1 pound of fat per day? Do you believe in this?

VIATom Vento
SOURCE- Tom Vento
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  1. Best way to know for sure body composition is to get a dexascan. Places to get it done are springing up all over. Try getting a baseline one then periodically after that. Usually every 3-6 months. I have examples of the ones I did if interested. Good luck. It’s difficult but stay committed. Stay consistent. Know your “why” and you will succeed

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