Why Get A Kitty In Another State?

Kitten in Another State


Flying to Chicago

I’m going to jump to a conclusion that most of you are thinking.. Why did Lauren get a kitty from Chicago? Why didn’t she wait until something pops up in California? She must have money to burn.. Right? Some of these are the questions that most of my friends asked as well. I’m here on the plane right now, ready to answer all your questions.

Reason Why I Did This:
1. I’m severely allergic to cats so this breed “Devon Rex” are hypoallergenic and don’t shed like normal short hair cats. Devon Rex is basically the cousin of the fur-less cats except they have a buzz cut look. Their fur is short and usually curly. I haven’t had a reaction to Larry, my other Devon Rex, for the year I’ve been living with this breed.

2. I wanted a specific cat. It wasn’t just the type of breed that was hard to find. It was the other details I wanted in the kitty. I specifically wanted a black female devon rex, but not a cat. I wanted a kitten, so she could still have time to bond with Larry and Boots without a lot of territorial problems. I looked everywhere to find a kitten in my area, but I didn’t see any kittens at that time.

3. I wasn’t on a time crunch, but then I was, Larry is 3 years old now and he is so playful that he doesn’t have a playmate. Boots is about 14 years old and she just wants to chill. So it was perfect timing to get a kitten to play with Larry especially when Boots is getting older. My boots deserves a peaceful older life, I think.

4. After researching everything, pricing for this kitten would come out the same or a little less if I did this. The timing just worked out great! I always believe that something is meant to be when it fits perfectly!

I hope this answered some of your questions. If you have anymore, comment and I’ll reply! I’ll be taking tons of pictures and keeping you updated on how I went through the transition of adding another cat to my family.



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  1. 1. Do you dress up your cats? Like for Holidays or anything? 2. Will you be a part of my Youtube cooking show? 3. What is your favorite sneaker? Do you like Adidas? 4. Did you see “IT” 5. Do you eat Tacos?
    — Zach Tank

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