Chicago 2018


It’s that time of the year where I’m bouncing from place to place. Last year was pretty crazy, so I have managed my appearances differently. I will only travel once per month because I still want to be able to shoot as well.

In June, I’ll be heading to Chicago for Exxxotica 2018. This is one of my favorite area to visit and I love this convention. I’m getting there early to meet and greet with friends and fans. I’ll be in Chicago between June 5th through 11th. 1amDoll USA will be sponsoring my appearance there. Please make sure you check out my new toy, CLICK HERE.

I’ll see you there!!

Heading To The East Coast


1Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple

I’ll be heading to NYC May 8th to the 12th. While I’ll there, I’ll be shooting and meet&greets with fans and family. If you want more information, please go to



2Back Home For Mother’s Day

On the 12th of May, I’ll be heading back to New Jersey for the day. I wanted to check in on my mother because of what happen to Luna and its also Mother’s Day.



3Washington Postmate

Between May 13th to 16th, I’ll be hanging out in Washington, D.C. I love this place. Full of history and what made our country want it is. Hope to see you there!

After #spreadthelove Party


Now it’s after the party, I still can’t believe how great it was. I definitely had low expectations because this was the first time I was throwing a party where you had to pay to get in. I have to say about over 100+ people came and most of my promoters. I didn’t think that many people would come especially after the moratorium just happen. They proved me wrong. I want to thank everyone for coming and I can’t wait for it to be bigger and better next year. Reaching for the stars! This is how the night went in my mind anyway.

I got there about one hour before things would start. Riley did the same thing and we just gathered things that we need. You know all the last minute touches that  all parties need. My friends, Sasha Heart and Rebecca came with me as my guest because I had purchased the diamond package to get a Vip table for my group and Nexxxtlevel. So it was almost 9pm and our DJ wasn’t there yet. I had this pit in my stomach about what are we going to do. The manager of the club was nice enough to hook his phone up and have background music for the party.

Once everyone was there, even the dj, I decided to let my hair done. I asked the table waitress to bring my bottles to my table, so that my friends and anyone else could have a drink on me. I ended up having, I think, about 4 glasses of champagne. It was amazing! The party ended at 2am with people still wanting to party and I went home with a smile on my face for raising money for cyberbullying and APAC. I was asked back for hosting the event next year as well. Can’t wait!!

What an amazing night!

Natural or Fake?! That is the Question.


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I’m in shock right now. I just stopped for a moment to write how I’m feeling about this #spreadthelove party. As I watch the clock slowly move to 6pm, I know I have to finish my make up before Sasha Heart and Rebecca gets here. But I’m here with emotional blending together in my body. I’m scared, nervous, excited and happy at the same time. A little bit of hope is inside of me…praying that I can make a different.

This idea only started in January of 2018 after new years. After having to celebrate my birthday between the heart breaking news of August Ames. I read all the stuff people put on twitter and all the statements people were going to do. I don’t want this to happen again after my own experience with cyberbullying over a human error. You know I am human… During AVN, I went to Riley Reyes and told her what I wanted to do. It’s now happening, TONIGHT!

Keep your fingers for me….