My New Phone Line


Let’s Talk Dirty

I just signed up for this new phone line on You can call me directly to my phone whenever I’m online with several times of listing that burns a hole in your heart.

I have listings like:
Talk Dirty
Wallet Raping





Whatever your heart desires, I can do! If there is a listing I haven’t put up, but you want to know if I could. Just comment and I’ll see what I can do.

Lauren Phillips

Why Get A Kitty In Another State?


Flying to Chicago

I’m going to jump to a conclusion that most of you are thinking.. Why did Lauren get a kitty from Chicago? Why didn’t she wait until something pops up in California? She must have money to burn.. Right? Some of these are the questions that most of my friends asked as well. I’m here on the plane right now, ready to answer all your questions.

Reason Why I Did This:
1. I’m severely allergic to cats so this breed “Devon Rex” are hypoallergenic and don’t shed like normal short hair cats. Devon Rex is basically the cousin of the fur-less cats except they have a buzz cut look. Their fur is short and usually curly. I haven’t had a reaction to Larry, my other Devon Rex, for the year I’ve been living with this breed.

2. I wanted a specific cat. It wasn’t just the type of breed that was hard to find. It was the other details I wanted in the kitty. I specifically wanted a black female devon rex, but not a cat. I wanted a kitten, so she could still have time to bond with Larry and Boots without a lot of territorial problems. I looked everywhere to find a kitten in my area, but I didn’t see any kittens at that time.

3. I wasn’t on a time crunch, but then I was, Larry is 3 years old now and he is so playful that he doesn’t have a playmate. Boots is about 14 years old and she just wants to chill. So it was perfect timing to get a kitten to play with Larry especially when Boots is getting older. My boots deserves a peaceful older life, I think.

4. After researching everything, pricing for this kitten would come out the same or a little less if I did this. The timing just worked out great! I always believe that something is meant to be when it fits perfectly!

I hope this answered some of your questions. If you have anymore, comment and I’ll reply! I’ll be taking tons of pictures and keeping you updated on how I went through the transition of adding another cat to my family.



New Kitty Coming…


Berri Comes Tomorrow

I don’t know if you have been following my tweets, but tomorrow my new devon rex kitten joins my household. I currently have two cat which are my roommate’s pet and I had the need for a little black kitty.So I went on the hunt for one!

I am extremely allergy to cats, so I went with a breed called Devon Rex. This breed is hypoallergenic and they are cousins to the furless cats. They are full of personality and love. The ginger devon rex that I live with now, is one of my favorite kind of cats. I’m so glad to be bringing Berri into the mix.

I’ve always had black cats in my life and I always think they are good luck. I don’t know if that true, but whatever. Please give a good warm welcome to Berri!

Your Empress Here


You know Your Place

Lauren Phillips


You have finally found your empress, your queen! The one and only person you need to worship and obey. Your worthless self can have something to live for, which is to be an obedient slave to me. Your time, your world and your money is all mine!


Fetish Con


Fetish Con and Awards ’17

I’m back from Fetish Con 2017 and what do I have to say about…..

It was a whirlwind!




I arrived in Tampa, FL a couple of days to attend Gigi’s fetish party, hoping to meet new people in this new world of mine. Thats what happen! I entered the party not knowing anyone, which is a first for me. Jim Hunter welcomed me with open ropes..well arms, but ropes are more inviting. He leads to Gigi as I look around at everyone I don’t know. I was shocking to be in a new community and to be honest, I was a little nervous. I greeted Gigi and she start right away introducing to me.

“What a sweetie! I highly recommend to work with Gigi and Jim Hunter. Always a pleasure to be in their company!”


I met so many interesting people that night especially one of the producers Shinybound that I would be working with the next day. So tired after my trip coast to coast, I snuggled into bed and I was ready for a full week of shooting.

I attended Fetish Con two days in a row. I talked to chaturbate about interviewing a couple of people and companies for their blog. I’m super excited!

“If you don’t know already, I love being in front of a camera!”

I got the full experience of Superhero Show with Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Wonder Woman, Supergirl and so much more. You can see bit a piece of these on I interviewed a couple of people and feel in love with this High End Hitachi that I still need to purchase. I also attended two seminars: Clips4sale and WhipIr.

Clips4sale was talking about this “pocket pussy” that can connect to camming and clips. It was interesting to see a HUGE company, try and grow their product. The only thing that was disappointing is that everyone in the seminars are newbies, so they don’t know what to ask and what to wonder. Its like be in a 101 class in college except everyone is trying to get a fast buck. Unfortunately, newbies don’t know that there is no such thing as a “fast Buck” with the internet around and people steal our content.



WhipIR is an app for kinkister like Tinder, but they have joined up with ImLive to get people to pay for their kink. It’s not a bad idea once it is launched. I currently have the app and still trying to figure out how to make money off of it. It seems like a long of time that I don’t have, but if you are in this lifestyle and looking for someone that kinky, I totally recommend it!

After my couple of days at Fetish Con and a few days of shooting clips, the awards creeped close and I was ready to interview the fetish community. I walk to Joe, the Camera Guy, with my new head piece in my hair! I felt like I belonged.. a little. I met some many interesting people that have their own style and personalities. This is one of the things why I love fetish. Everyone is different and its so refreshing to see how everyone expresses themselves.

Congrats to the Winners!


Ludella Hahn




Cathouse Clothing


Bad Dragon


Dirk Hooper


Ludella Hahn Fetish


“Ludella 990 Exotic Dancer FemBot Meltdown”
Ludella Hahn Fetish


“Collared In The Shadows” by, Tyomi Morgan
Royal Fetish Films


Taylor Knight – CamModelDirectory


Leo Christensen – Chaturbate


Jessica Fappit – Chaturbate




Goddess Venus


Natalie Mars


Lance Hart


Ludella Hahn


Fetish Awards ’17 Red Carpet


Can You Lose a Pound of Fat Per Day?


I know most of you have been following my fitness program. I started my fitness with the book “Burn the fat, Feed the muscle,” by Tom Vento. This book definitely motivated me to achieve my goals of my body and what I could see my body to be. Since then, I get articles by Tom Vento about different opinions on how to stay fit and how to get fit.

The recent article, that I received, was about “Can you burn 1 pound of fat per day?” When I saw this article, I was intrigued because fat doesn’t weigh more than muscle. So I really wanted to see what he had to say about it. Tom Vento had some really good points about 1 pound of fat per day and the health risk for that. Just think about it? If fat weighs less than muscle, how can you really lose 1 pound of fat per day and be accurate that it’s fat and not muscle?

What I really liked about this article was that it was realistic but still achievable. That we shouldn’t focus on our pounds, but on what we put in our bodies. Of course we all weigh ourselves and want to shed as much weight as possible, but what’s these pounds really from? Is the pounds you losing from fat or muscle? I definitely weigh myself once a week just to see if I lost anything, but I definitely know the most important thing I need to do is the skinfold caliper to figure out if I lost body fat. We all have different goals. What are your goals? What do you think about losing 1 pound of fat per day? Do you believe in this?

Doubling Up


Experience of a Lifetime



So I wanted to tell you guys a little bit about what’s been going on this week. I have a great announcement that happened yesterday.


Coming soon will be my first time doing double vag and double anal; On top of getting fisted in my pussy! This will premier on and I’m super excited to have this experience. I’ve been wanting to be on KINK.COM hardcore gangbang for a while now! I was super excited to hear that I got selected to be on their site.

I was thrilled to hear that Cherry torn was gonna be the director and the amazing male talents that came with it. The male talents included John Strong, Tommy Pistol, Alex Legend, Mr. Pete and John Johnson. We all had a great connection! I can’t believe that they help me achieve my goals for that scene.

I left leaving the set on a complete cum high and I think this is gonna be one of my best scenes that I’ve done. This scene is gonna open up a lot of doors for me and it makes me wonder what the possibilities might be. I have the links below and will announce when the scene is coming out. I just hope that you guys enjoy it, just as much as I did.

I still am flooded with the memories of this scene and I can’t wait to see the trailer and the photos that come with it.

Team BJ: The Big Game


It’s been about a month now since Carmen Valentina and I did #teambj, but I wanted to fill you in about the awesomeness. #Teambj was the biggest one that VNA ever seen. There was 37 guys that are not in the industry, and it took 3 hours “non-stop” to suck every single guy’s dick.

The whole day was so crazy! Carmen and I had to get our entertainer’s licence to perform at Deju Va Showgirls in Vegas that night. We were there over 3 hours! I can’t believe a simple background check and fingerprinted took that long. Then we rushed to the Museum of Sex, where we were shocked by how many guys were waiting for us. We rushed to change into our “Mouth Huggers” uniform for photos and to meet all the guys.

I still can’t believe I sucked all those dicks in 3 hours! It didn’t even seem like 3 hours. I was so focused on making every guy cum with my sucking skills and dirty talk. I guess it’s true! “Time flies by when you are having fun!” After the second guy, who had busted all over my face, I looked like a cum guzzling whore! I enjoyed every moment of it!

#Teambj will be coming out on DVD and my website! Please sign up or purchase your copy when it is available.

I wonder if Carmen and I can do this again, but BIGGER!


Insatiable: Porn — A Love Story by Asa Akira


I read INSATIABLE: PORN – A LOVE STORY by Asa Akira a few months ago. I don’t have a hard copy yet, but I highly recommend this purchase. I read it on my kindle, but I must have a hard copy. It’s that good! I can’t wait to get my hard copy and hopefully get Asa Akira to sign it.

This book is one of those reads that you can’t stop. Each chapter describes a part of Asa Akira’s life and experiences. I loved learning about her life and how to got to where she is now. The develop of her porn career was so intriguing and positive. I am definitely buying her new book Dirty Thirty: A Memoir. Asa has a unique way of seeing the world and you see this in every detail of this book. She seems so open to experiences and what life has to give her.

I‘m pretty excited about her other book. Once I was done with Insatiable, I felt like I wanted to read more about her. I founded out that she was an East Coaster, New Yorker, like me and that she had moved to Florida, just like I did as well. Hearing about her struggles in life and her career made her more real in my eyes. I think sometime we forget that our icons are people, just like us, and they have personal struggles as well.

I highly recommend to get this book! You will read through it fast because it draws you in with the complex plot. As a performer, I look to Asa Akira and love how her career have blossomed into HUGE brand. Something I would love to have one day! Thank you so much Asa Akira for the amazing adventure!

Check The Image to Get Your Copy!

The Lift of Moratorium




I’m so happy that the moratorium has been lifted. As a performer, shooting is one of my major sources of income and safety is always a high priority as well.

I celebrated the lift by shooting with KINK.COM. It felt so amazing to have Derrick Pierce pound my asshole for sex and submission. You guys will love this new scene once it is out. I’ll keep you updated when it cums out!

I want to send out positive words and thoughts to the performer that is HIV positive, “Take it one step out a time, but you are strong. You will be okay and learn how to handle this disease.” Stay Positive!

On last note, I had someone send a comment that I will not post on my blog because it’s negative and I don’t like any negative on my sites. I will say that I never wish any type of disease for anyone. If you know my personality and work, my fans understand right off the back that I wish no harm to anyone. I will educate everyone that if someone is positive for HIV, it doesn’t mean they have AIDS. HIV is not AIDS. HIV can develop into AIDS if left untreated.

If you want to join any blog conversation, please make sure your comments are positive and informed properly. I love comments and discussing this with everyone. So I encourage comments and sharing!


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