Team BJ: The Big Game


It’s been about a month now since Carmen Valentina and I did #teambj, but I wanted to fill you in about the awesomeness. #Teambj was the biggest one that VNA ever seen. There was 37 guys that are not in the industry, and it took 3 hours “non-stop” to suck every single guy’s dick.

The whole day was so crazy! Carmen and I had to get our entertainer’s licence to perform at Deju Va Showgirls in Vegas that night. We were there over 3 hours! I can’t believe a simple background check and fingerprinted took that long. Then we rushed to the Museum of Sex, where we were shocked by how many guys were waiting for us. We rushed to change into our “Mouth Huggers” uniform for photos and to meet all the guys.

I still can’t believe I sucked all those dicks in 3 hours! It didn’t even seem like 3 hours. I was so focused on making every guy cum with my sucking skills and dirty talk. I guess it’s true! “Time flies by when you are having fun!” After the second guy, who had busted all over my face, I looked like a cum guzzling whore! I enjoyed every moment of it!

#Teambj will be coming out on DVD and my website! Please sign up or purchase your copy when it is available.

I wonder if Carmen and I can do this again, but BIGGER!


Insatiable: Porn — A Love Story by Asa Akira


I read INSATIABLE: PORN – A LOVE STORY by Asa Akira a few months ago. I don’t have a hard copy yet, but I highly recommend this purchase. I read it on my kindle, but I must have a hard copy. It’s that good! I can’t wait to get my hard copy and hopefully get Asa Akira to sign it.

This book is one of those reads that you can’t stop. Each chapter describes a part of Asa Akira’s life and experiences. I loved learning about her life and how to got to where she is now. The develop of her porn career was so intriguing and positive. I am definitely buying her new book Dirty Thirty: A Memoir. Asa has a unique way of seeing the world and you see this in every detail of this book. She seems so open to experiences and what life has to give her.

I‘m pretty excited about her other book. Once I was done with Insatiable, I felt like I wanted to read more about her. I founded out that she was an East Coaster, New Yorker, like me and that she had moved to Florida, just like I did as well. Hearing about her struggles in life and her career made her more real in my eyes. I think sometime we forget that our icons are people, just like us, and they have personal struggles as well.

I highly recommend to get this book! You will read through it fast because it draws you in with the complex plot. As a performer, I look to Asa Akira and love how her career have blossomed into HUGE brand. Something I would love to have one day! Thank you so much Asa Akira for the amazing adventure!

Check The Image to Get Your Copy!

The Lift of Moratorium




I’m so happy that the moratorium has been lifted. As a performer, shooting is one of my major sources of income and safety is always a high priority as well.

I celebrated the lift by shooting with KINK.COM. It felt so amazing to have Derrick Pierce pound my asshole for sex and submission. You guys will love this new scene once it is out. I’ll keep you updated when it cums out!

I want to send out positive words and thoughts to the performer that is HIV positive, “Take it one step out a time, but you are strong. You will be okay and learn how to handle this disease.” Stay Positive!

On last note, I had someone send a comment that I will not post on my blog because it’s negative and I don’t like any negative on my sites. I will say that I never wish any type of disease for anyone. If you know my personality and work, my fans understand right off the back that I wish no harm to anyone. I will educate everyone that if someone is positive for HIV, it doesn’t mean they have AIDS. HIV is not AIDS. HIV can develop into AIDS if left untreated.

If you want to join any blog conversation, please make sure your comments are positive and informed properly. I love comments and discussing this with everyone. So I encourage comments and sharing!


The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon – Review

The Winter People written by Jennifer McMahon is about four different outlooks which two characters are from the past and the two others are present time. The book switches back and forth between past and present, and characters’ outlooks as well. The book is basically about the method/possibility of bringing back the dead. The story is figuring out what is the method and is it true.

I highly recommend this book because it follows between characters and time so well. The story never felt broken up and separated, but each chapter and character explained the story and other characters. The story draws you in with the plot built and the feeling of “what is going to happen next.”

I’m so glad I got this book. It was a great read and at some points I couldn’t put it down. If you like mystery fiction with an ending with a twist, I would highly recommend to get this book and enjoy the adventure Ms. McMahon created for her readers. I’m actually thinking about reading more of this collection. I’ll keep you updated.

Purchase your own copy: The Winter People

Snapshot by Stormy Daniels


Snapshot was one of my scenes right after AVN in January, which will be released 5/07/17. This movie was directed by Stormy Daniels and has several popular porn stars (Marcus London, Michael Vegas, Lauren Phillips, Cherie DeVille, Tyler Nixon, Edyn BlairKenzie Taylor) with my lead role played by my “Nexxxtlevel Sister” Ella Nova.

This movie is about a girl named Kassie that keeps catching her boyfriend cheating on her. Unfortunately, the situation gets worse when dirty photos end up all over the internet. This event blows up into other misfortunes such as her parental disagreements and lost of her scholarship for college. Her best friend goes to Kassie’s ex to convince him to take the photos down, but is he the one that caused this conflict?!?!

I played the girl who Kassie’s boyfriend cheated with. It was my first anal scene with Wicked Pictures and it was interesting to perform anal sex with a condom. It was great having sex with Michael Vegas and the dirty whispers he does. I love when guys do that! The dirty whispers are such as turn on and I hope it shows in the scene.

Coming Soon 




If you haven’t heard by now, the adult industry is on a hold for shooting throughout the United States. FSC, Free Speech Coalition, was contacted by one of the testing services such as PASS, TTS and CET that someone has came up positive of HIV. Shooting will be on hold until Wednesday to see if it is a false positive, Keep your fingers crossed that it is a false positive, so the industry can get back to work. 

Most of non-adult industry people probably don’t care and/or thinks this industry is more dangerous now than ever. This isn’t true! After watching ex-performers’ snapchats and instagram stories, I was disappointed to hear them state, “they are glad to be out of the industry because it is more dangerous than what it up to be.”

I don’t see how this is true because, in the past, we didn’t have the technology that we have now for testing. I was discussing this topic with my “Porn Wifey” Carmen Valentina, who has been in the industry for a little over 8 years. She told me, that testing use to be every 30 days and it would take about a week to get your fresh test back, This blows my mind! I feel lucky to have testing services and the new technology on my side.

I know there are more people in the adult industry which is a whole other subject to discuss, but at least nowadays we are more open to things such a gays, transexuals and different niches. It’s great to see how the United States as a community has evolved with accepting everyone for who they are as a person.

I don’t feel scared or worried about being in the adult industry, but I feel lucky to be in NOW!

My Very First Porno


When I moved to Florida, I knew I wanted to be an adult actress. I packed up my car and drove the 16 hours to Tampa, Fl with only my stuff and two cats. I really didn’t know where to start and I still had to find a place to live, but I had met up with John from East Coast Talent. He was very nice and helped me get my foot into the door. I found a baby sitter for my cats and drove my car all the way down to Miami.

I met up with John and the first scene he booked me as with Reality Kings. I really didn’t know what to expects, but I had a great director and male talent that walked me through the steps. Unfortunately, I don’t remember their names, so if anyone does find out… please let me know.

I had an amazing first scene! My male talent made me feel so beautiful and he was so patient with me. We definitely had a connection and I think you can tell in the scene. We warmed each other up before the scene and I enjoyed the ride!

My First Time with Manojobs


Most of you have seen my 1st Manojobs scene. “A Ginger Jerk” was my 1st scene in Los Angeles, CA. I had so much fun with this. I have to be honest, I don’t remember the male talent, but i remember meeting Bill Watson and Dtheminion. When I arrived at the location, I was a little nervous. I knew what to expect, but i wanted to give the director what he wanted for the scene. I had a make up artist to do my make-up, then we jumped into the scene. Bill explained that I would look at the camera the whole time. I talk dirty to the camera, basically I make love to the camera! Once I found that out, I was completely excited because I could do that. With 2 years of camming under my belt, I could dirty talk to that camera until he tell me to stop, which never happened.

It was great to work with Bill Watson and Dtheminion. I was given the biggest complement ever for Bill. He told me that he couldn’t tell I was a newbie that I seemed the a veteran. That definitely boosted my confidence and made me what to perform more. Thank you so much Bill and D for the great experience. I know we have a couple of more scene we did together, but I always hope to work with you more because it’s always a great time and an awesome scene.

Click Here to Watch the Full HD Scene

Nightmoves Weekend and Award Show


It’s been a little over a week since Nightmoves in Tampa, FL, but I was going through my photos and had to share with you my fun times. Yes, I did travel with a stuff animal that Bad Dragon gave me, which I just named Kookie. I’m currently debating if I should make him a twitter page, so everyone knows how big pimping Kookie is. What do you think I should do?

First night at Nightmoves, all of the stars were shuttled to 4play Lounge where we all kissed and groped each other because that’s what you do when you see your fellow porn stars. Well… That’s what I do anyway. I decided to dance at all the clubs because dancing is my first love except without heels. My first night I ended up slipping on my heels and ramming my crotch into the pole, which you would think I would be use to. I pound my pussy as much as I can into a pole shaped as a dick. Unfortunately, it didn’t feel the same. 4play Lounge was a nice place with great house dancers and a welcoming crew. I hope they will be apart of next year.

Second night, we attended Bare Assets which is one of my favorite strip clubs because they are so laid-back and chill there. I think I also like it there because I can get naked…I always think the less clothes, the better, I also danced there where my fellow friends, such as Carmen Valentina, James Bartholet, Will Ryder, Paul Allen and many more, cheered me on by throwing dollar bills at my booty. They know how I like to be treated.

Third night, of course was at the Thee Doll House! This strip club is also one of my favorite because they really know how to treat their girls there. All of us start out with drinks in our hands and slamming beats by DJ Mark who was great to see again and I can’t wait to see him next year. My dance for Thee Doll House was special! I brought my Poison Ivy costume and danced my cosplay heart out, while the costume and shoes scratched the hell out of me. Thank you so much Thee Doll House for having us there. Always a pleasure!

The fourth night was the award show where I performed the Rocky Horror including Sweet Transvestite and the Time Warp. It was so stunning and fun that I got people up on stage with me to perform the Time Warp. You know it’s just a jump to the left?! I was extremely surprised when Tracy Allen came on stage after my show with my first award as Miss congeniality. I was so shocked, but honored to be noticed by my friends and role models in my eyes.

My First Anal Video


I was trying to decide what scene I should talk about next and I’ve just decide to go down the line. Lets see how good my memory is, which “did I do first?” game. Let’s Try Anal was a scene I did in Florida when I first moved there. It was my second scene with the amazing director/producer Justin and male talent Levi Cash. My first 2 scenes were booked by East Coast Talent aka John. HE helped me get my feet wet and I appreciation every advice he gave me.

I was extremely nervous for this scene because I hadn’t done much anal in my personal life. I remember the night before practicing with a huge dildo, which john advised me not to do. I also remember waking up the morning of the shoot and grabbing a cup of coffee from Starbucks, not having enough knowledge about anal and coffee.

I went to set with my head held high and ready to anal it up. I met Justin first who is an amazing person and creative artist. It was a great experience to see how POV was made and the different angles they use. Then, I met Levi Cash who told me I had to pretend to be his girlfriend. I knew that would be too hard because come on… look at him. He is fucking hot as hell!

The scene was influenced by my dancing abilities and flexibility which was pretty easy for me. My first anal scene was astounding with two exceptional people who made my experience memorable. Levi and I discussed what we need to get warmed up and ready for the scene. One thing, lead to the other and BOOM! It was done and I couldn’t wait for more of this porn lifestyle.

Click Here to Watch the Full HD Scene
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